Play by Play (A Riggins Brothers Prequel Novella #0) by Kaylee Ryan



Jase Andrews is trouble… but the best kind. Too gorgeous for his own good, the former professional athlete is every woman’s dream, including mine. I need to stay away, but he’s relentless.

Most girls want Jase because of who he is, but that’s exactly why I don’t want to get involved. A guy like him and a girl like me are bound to fumble.

His panty-melting smile is so hard to resist… until one day, I don’t. I give in and say yes to my boss’s cocky best-friend.

His charming determination wears me down, and once I realize what I’ve been missing, there is no going back. Now we’re a team, and thanks to his insatiable drive, our squad is growing.


The minute I lay eyes on her, I know she will be mine. I want her, even though my best-friend warns me to stay away from his assistant.

Samantha Wilson is smart, gorgeous, and not afraid to call me out. She’s perfect. A refreshing change from all the women who threw themselves at me when I was in the professional league.

Not Samantha. She turns me down. Every. Single. Time. For nearly a year. It makes me want her even more. I’m not giving up, I’ve got plays for days, and I’m not afraid to use them.

When she finally says yes. My life is turned upside down in ways I can’t imagine— get ready for the play by play.

This is a prequel Novella to the Riggins Brothers Series.

My Review:

play by playPlay by Play
by Kaylee Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a fun introduction to the Riggins Brothers Series! What’s even better, one of the main characters is a peripheral character from one of my favorite books by this author! I’m not going to say who, but it doesn’t take much to figure it out! And there is a short visit with some of my favorite characters from that series too!

Jace knows what he wants, he just has to convince Samantha that he is serious! She can’t seem to see past his player reputation, or his fame, to see that he isn’t playing games any more. Now he just has to figure out how to get her to see his side of things!

This isn’t a full story, but there is a HEA! There is a lot of their story that just isn’t there. We don’t get their first meeting, or her fight to stay away. It definitely focuses more on the HEA. But that’s ok. This isn’t meant to be a full story, but an introduction to a new series! I think it’s very cool what the author has done here, given us a bit of a story, with characters readers may have been wondering about, as an introduction to a brand new series! I totally enjoyed this story, since it left me with a smile on my face, and am really looking forward to diving into this new series ASAP!

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