Release Blitz for Mowed Over by Mae Harden

Title: Mowed Over
Series: Sonoma #2
Author: Mae Harden
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 28, 2020
I don’t ask for much. I’d like a job where my boss isn’t a
total douche bag. I’d like to sleep in past 8 am on my day off. Mostly, I would
love my new next-door neighbor to keep his sexy dimples and cocky smiles to
himself. He may look like pure southern temptation, but he seems determined to
irritate me as often as possible.
Letting him in might feel like I’m carving out my heart and
handing it to a stranger, but it’s quickly becoming apparent that someone else
is watching me and Ben may be the only person who can help me uncover the
Lilah Donovan is pure walking sin. The more time I spend
with her, the harder I fall. She’s an adorable, feisty, half-pint of everything
I never knew I wanted. She may have built the Great Wall of China around her
heart, but I’m not averse to climbing if that’s what it takes to find a way in.
Getting through to her is an exercise in patience, but it’s
not the only thing testing my abilities. Between the phone calls from unknown
numbers, the car problems that are looking more and more like sabotage, and the
shadowy figure in her yard, it’s obvious that someone is stalking my girl. But
he’s messing with the wrong person because I am uniquely qualified to end this,
and there are no lengths I wouldn’t go to when it comes to protecting Lilah.
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“You can trust me,” he says. 
“No, I can’t.” My voice comes out too breathy.
Ben grins, his dimples popping even as his eyes bore into me
with pure hunger. “Why not?”
“You’re too handsome and you’re trying to get me to
break my only rule. You’re obviously trouble.” The kind of trouble I’m
finding it harder and harder to resist. 
Ben circles my wrist with his hand and pulls me out of my
chair. I go willingly because I am weak, and I don’t want to fight the way he
makes me feel. He settles me across his lap and kisses my neck. 
“Maybe I’m the best kind of trouble,” he says as
he runs his lips along the length of my neck. 
“I’m inclined to agree with that statement.”
Ben chuckles and the sound vibrates through my body, sending
up little goosebumps all over my skin. I wrap my arms around his neck and brush
my lips against his. He kisses me back softly, one hand supporting my back and
the other venturing up my thigh. Every second he spends touching me ratchets up
my desire and every tiny movement makes me more and more aware of how wet I am.
I’m seriously in danger of needing a new pair of panties, but I couldn’t care
less at this point. 
He deepens the kiss, cradling the back of my neck and
dragging my ass across his lap. The feeling of his hard length under me and the
moan that rumbles through him is breathtaking, stoking the fire that has been
burning in my body all night back into a blaze. I slide my hands under his
sweater, seeking out the warmth of his skin. He shivers at my touch and it’s
insanely gratifying to have that kind of effect on him.
“If you want me to stop,” he growls, “now
would be a good time to say so.” His eyes are dark with lust and the
expression matches the aching need swirling inside me.
“Don’t stop,” I whisper.
– An excerpt from Mowed Over by Mae Harden
Copyright © 2020 by Mae Harden
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Author Bio
Mae Harden is an
author, pastry chef, podcast co-host, and lover of all things dirty. She writes
extra steamy contemporary romance with a penchant for dirty talk and a healthy
dose of humor. She loves Alpha men with marshmallowy insides, and women that don’t need to
be saved, even if they enjoy it. Mae lives in Virginia with her husband, two
kids, a chunky cat, and a pair of fluffy border collie sisters.
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