Release Blitz for Final Chance at Love by Eva Winners

Release Date: September 5

Kristoff Baldwin was everything I didn’t need…too intense, too rich, too handsome, too overbearing and too jealous.

And I fell in love with him! I wanted him, all of him. But ultimately his actions made me realize I couldn’t let the past repeat itself.

So I left the country in an attempt to get over him and come to terms with the outcome of our fling. I spent nights dreaming about him, and my days trying to forget every moment with him.

The last thing I expected was to see him before I was ready, with a gorgeous redhead by his side.

This is closure to Kristoff and Gemma’s story.
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Meet Eva Winners
Eva Winners was born in Pula, Croatia and came to the United States in her teens. She has a MS degree in International Finance and MBA. 

She currently lives in Maryland with her husband and three daughters. 

She writes paranormal and contemporary romance, and few other things she admittedly does not share with others. 

Favorite pass time is hiking with her family, drinking wine and doing yoga. 

She is often found hiding in her yard wearing flip flops and sunglasses while enjoying the sun. 
Her favorite place is a rocky, secluded beach in Croatia with a little red lighthouse.
And most of all, she loves to read and write.

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