Release Blitz for Won’t Miss You by Lilian Monroe

Release Date: September 15

Big, burly, and definitely not my new best friend.

Benji is the current obstacle standing in my way.

Not that I mind.

Who said your brother’s best friend had to be off-limits, anyway?

Rich chick waltzing into town buying up businesses like candy.

I hear the whispers about me.

They’re not wrong. Just not exactly right, either. Benji doesn’t see it that way, though. 

He puffs his chest out when I walk in—a very muscular chest, might I add—and lets me know in no uncertain terms that I’m not welcome on his turf. I’m just here to find my brother, who left without even saying goodbye. 

But Sawyer? Nowhere to be seen.
I have no choice but to stay here and wait, and Benji has no choice but to humor me.
My brother’s best friend has a funny definition of humor, though.
Not so much ha-ha as hate you forever.
Pretty soon, Benji’s guard-dog act starts to crumble and I catch a glimpse of the man underneath.
The rugged, strong man who makes my heart thump and my core clench.
The man with a kiss to bring me to my knees.
The man who might just crack my heart wide open…
…but when my brother finally returns, our budding romance could fall apart before it even begins.
Won’t Miss You is a stand-alone brother’s best friend romance with a guaranteed happy ending and absolutely zero cheating.

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Meet Lilian Monroe
Lilian Monroe is a contemporary romance author.  

She loves to add elements of suspense and mystery into her novels while making sure to deliver that oh-so-satisfying happily ever after (as well as lots of oh-so-satisfying moments along the way).

 Initially writing in her free time, she developed a love for storytelling and romance and slowly started sharing her stories with her friends.  Making the leap to novels was exciting and challenging, and she immediately fell in love with the entire process.  She thoroughly enjoys every aspect of writing from conception to editing to publication.
Lilian has lived all over the world: Canada, Australia and Thailand, to name a few.  She spends her days writing and teaching English, and daydreaming about the next male lead to star in her books.
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