The Game Changer (Indianapolis Eagles #8) by Samantha Lind



The one word I didn’t think I’d have to accept so soon—retirement.
Never playing again was my new reality, along with all the other symptoms that came along with my career-ending injury.

Just as I’m learning to deal with my new normal, life throws me another challenge, but this one might just be the game-changer that alters my life for the better.


I’ve always been focused. School. Graduation. Opening my own business.
I didn’t see myself settling down anytime soon, I had an empire to build.
I definitely didn’t expect a newly retired hockey player would bulldoze his way into my life.
Maybe it’s time I focus on more than just my business.

The more time we spend together, the more I realize I can have more than one focus.

Sometimes, when one chapter closes, it makes room for another…

My Review:

The Game Changer (Indianapolis Eagles, #8)The Game Changer by Samantha Lind
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What happens when everything you’ve worked for your whole life is suddenly gone? What happens when that one thing that defines every decision you’ve ever made about your life, is no longer there? What happens to the player, when the game is no longer an option? This book is all about change, and what happens afterward. It’s a different pace than what most are used to in a sports romance, and refreshing in that difference.

John has just had his entire world blown up. What does he do now? At his lowest, he has to reevaluate everything, rethink who he is and what he wants. And sometimes, when your life is at its lowest, someone comes along and sets everything right!

This book is about change, and how even when things are at their worst, great things are still possible. I loved how this couple was able to get through some really tough times, even though they were so new. I loved how she was there for him, when he felt hopeless. This is a feel good story, even though it started out kind of bleak. It was a beautiful story, one that left me with feelings of happiness, and hope. This is definitely one that must be read, and now I wanna go back to the beginning and read the entire series again!

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