Sale Blitz for Hunter by Mandy Harbin

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99c SALE!!!

Hunter by Mandy Harbin

is only 99c for a limited time!!!

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OMG!!!! The Bang Shift guys are my favorite!!! …Get ready to be taken on one heck of ride!” – Sassy Southern Book Blog

“Hunter might be one of my favorite book boyfriends EVER!” – Messy Bun Book Blog

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Hot. Hard. Hazardous.

Hunter Anderson is good at burying dark secrets behind his lethal smile. It’s a great skill to have in his line of work, but one he learned long before becoming a member of the Bang Shift mercenary group. They all have secrets, but he has something they don’t—a sister to protect. She knows the score, but he’ll do what he can to guard her from the realities of his life. He should’ve known trouble would find her anyway…and that she’d dump the beautiful problem right in his lap.

When Maya Carmichael’s car is vandalized on a night out with her roommate, she realizes her no-more-jerks oath is too little, too late. Knowing her sadistic ex is behind this, she agrees to seek shelter out of town, but the temporary haven will throw her right into the path of another bad boy. Oh, she’s heard stories about her roommate’s brother, Hunter, and he’s just the type she wants to avoid. Hot. Hard. Hazardous.

What starts out as a beautiful nuisance exposes a web of danger so vast it could only be fueled by one thing. Revenge.

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#1 Brody (FREE):
#2 Hunter (99c):
#3 Blade:
#4 Shelby:
#5 Axle:

*Free prequel:

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