Hott and Handled (The Hott Brothers Book 3) by Leah Sharelle


Welcome to HHH Cattle, where triplets Lenoxx, Hendrixx, and Fenixx Hott navigate their way through the minefield of love.

Fenixx Hott had a tougher start in life than his two brothers. Identical in every way, except one. Nixx has lived by one golden rule. Patience. He excelled at waiting, that is, until he meets the beautiful and independent single mother, Farron Hill.
Farron is everything he has ever wanted. Her strength, courage and fierce independence match his own. Suddenly, he finds himself in a fight of wills, encouraging Farron to be her own person, at the same time convincing her that she is the love of his life.
Fenixx knows he has a fight on his hands, but he didn’t survive his childhood illness to let Farron slip through his fingers. He has a choice to make, sit back, let Farron come to him, or barrel in and insist Farron can handle him.
Either way, the youngest triplet knows the older, single mum will be his. After all, he is a Hott brother, and they always get what they want. Eventually.

My Review:

Hott and HandledHott and Handled by Leah Sharelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hottie #3 has found his HEA, at long last! This book is definitely a slow burn, but definitely worth it in the end! I adored Fenixx as much as I did his brothers, and this book (the entire series, really) is one that I enjoyed a lot! And while the book can totally stand on its own, there is a little mystery that begins in book one, and continues through the other books, and the answer is finally revealed at the end of this one! (Definitely not a cliff hanger, from book to book, just a little intrigue to tie them all together!)

Fenixx isn’t what he at first appears to be. A rough, gruff build cowboy, he has his own rough past, that has definitely made him into the man he is. But inside, he is a teddy bear, one who has his eyes on the perfect woman for him, even if she isn’t ready for him yet!

Farron (I adore that name!) has had a rough life. But she has managed to come out on top, and is making her life into the one she wants. She has everything she wants, but doesn’t think she will ever be ready to try for love again. But she doesn’t know just how stubborn cowboys can be!

Fenixx and Farron are absolutely perfect for each other! I can’t say enough how much I loved their story, and how amazing the ending of this series was! This series was one surprise after another, and this book definitely ended with a big explosion! Definitely recommend the entire series to anyone who loves books that keep them guessing!

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