Kit (Chicago Blaze #8) by Brenda Rothert



Molly Lynch isn’t like any woman I’ve met before. The pretty, ball-busting reporter has a penchant for asking questions that dredge up memories I’d rather keep buried. I answer them, though, because I’m so intrigued by her—a mix of shy and bold, so set in her ways that the slightest change knocks her off kilter. The closer Molly gets to my dark truth, though, the more I try to shift her focus to what I want most—her total surrender to me in the bedroom.


I finally have the life I’m meant for. Predictable. Boring. Safe. NHL player Kit Carter upsets the stability I crave when he looks at me with his dark eyes, wounded and guarded, but also swirling with desire. I can’t let him figure out who I truly am—driven not by ambition but by anxiety. Unable to let go of my control, even for a second. There’s something about Kit that draws me to him so powerfully it’s no longer a choice, though. I need to give in, even if it costs me everything. 

My Review:

Kit (Chicago Blaze, #8)Kit by Brenda Rothert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book absolutely killed me! It was so emotional, it kept me on edge until the very end. This is one of THOSE books. The kind of book that sticks with you, even after you finish the last page. It is the kind that I’m sure is going to bring mixed reactions. This book was a tough read, with parts so tragic it brought tears to my eyes, but it was so worth it! This story is full of tragedy yes, but their story was absolutely perfect, and full of hope, most of all.

Molly is a reporter. Newly divorced, her job is her life. Until she receives an assignment that will change everything. Kit is a second line hockey player, one who seems to have a perfect life. One that he is happy with. But life is not always what it appears to be and can be more complicated than it at first seems. The question is, are they strong enough to get through?

I had my doubts about this book. At first it seemed pretty straight forward, like they were absolutely perfect for each other, and their HEA was going to be easy. I should have known better. The author throws a curve ball I never saw coming! Cue the tears, I just couldn’t stop them. But this book, their story, was one that I will not forget. Definitely one that I would recommend to Chicago Blaze fans!


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