Release Blitz for Winter Jasmine by Lyra Winters

Title: Winter Jasmine
Author: Lyra Winters
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: January 30, 2021
Taking a trip to the Colorado mountains with my best friend was not what I expected.

I didn’t expect to get snowed-in and tack on a few more days of our trip.
I didn’t expect to start seeing him as more than the boy I grew up with.
More importantly, I didn’t expect to ask him to take my virginity.
And thus, an arrangement was made.
The problem was, at the end of our arrangement, my virginity wasn’t the only thing I wanted to give him.
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“What took you so long?”

“Who was that guy?” His voice was stone-cold, sending shivers down my spine.
“Why?” My throat was tight, making my voice sound raspy. “Are you jealous?”
He pushed away from the door and closed the distance between us, one hand pressing my lower back into him as the other fisted in my hair and pulled my head back enough for me to look up at his blazing eyes. “Who was the guy, Jazz?”
“Sam,” I croaked as my vision became foggy with lust.
“And who the fuck is Sam?” He inched his lips closer to mine.
“A coworker.”
He clicked his tongue. “And?”
“A friend.”
“That’s all?” He brushed his lips lightly against mine before pulling away and waiting for an answer.
“What about me? Am I just a friend?”
Lyra Winters is a twenty-something Kentucky woman who adores the book world. When she’s not typing away on her laptop or daydreaming book ideas, Lyra is occupying her time taking care of her two spunky daughters and dreamy husband. She’s addicted to Coca-Cola, 2000s rap music, and bubble baths. Her dream is to write love stories that touch the reader’s hearts.

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