Wrath’s Storm (Masters’ Admiralty #6) by Mari Carr & Lila Dubois


Damn it! He’s a doctor, not a serial killer hunter.

When a man they call the Viking walked into his clinic in rural Libya, the last thing Dr. Walt Hayden foresaw in his future was a wedding, a stalker, and a serial killer…in that order.
Attending his brother’s wedding becomes the start of a journey across Europe in the company of Dr. Annalise Fischer and her bodyguard. Eric, the Viking, has a long list of enemies…as does Annalise, who has attracted the attention of a dangerous stalker, a man who will stop at nothing to claim her as his own.
Walt may be the only man who can help put the pieces together to identify a killer who has already claimed one of the Masters’ Admiralty’s own. And if he falls in love with a member or two of that secret society along the way, well…
That love is doomed…because Walt is already promised to the Trinity Masters.

My Review:

Wrath's StormWrath’s Storm by Mari Carr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When this book landed on my kindle, my first instinct was to dive in immediately. But, alas, I wasn’t done with my re-read (I mean, with this kind of series, you have to do a re-read when a new book comes out, right?!?) So, I took a couple of days, enjoyed going back through the Master’s Admiralty, visiting with old friends, and THEN I was finally able to open the first page. Cue mega excitement on my part! And right from the beginning, I was pulled right back into their world of danger, intrigue, and mayhem.

These two authors! I just knew that what I thought was going to happen was inevitable, and then they pulled the rug right out from under my feet! I should have known better! (I can’t tell what my suppositions were, because that would just give away the surprise!) It just goes to show that with these two, you never know what is coming up next, and you should always be prepared for the unexpected! This book is so full of everything that I’ve come to love about this series (Trinity Masters/Master’s Admiralty) I love how unpredictable it all is, how the story seems to flow from book to book (not a cliffie, though!) and how perfect the insta-love aspect is in them all! I adored this book, every single part of it!

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