Teaser Reveal for Rush: A Rockstar Daddy Romance by Brianna Hale

unnamed (2)


Rush: A Rockstar Daddy Romance

by Brianna Hale

Releases April 21!!!

“I pick her up in my arms and her thighs wrap around my hips and straddle me. She yields so perfectly in my arms, her mouth opening beneath mine and tasting like pink sherbet, fizzing right through me.

She’s wrong about me, and she’s wrong about this. Not in my wildest dreams could I believe that kissing Dree is a mistake.”

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Rush Osman probably watches himself in the mirror while he screws and kisses his biceps good morning. An arrogant, domineering, over-dressed rock star. The sort of man I’ve had my fill of for a hundred lifetimes.

And yet.

Rush has an energy about him that pulls me in. Captivating energy. Dark, magnetic energy. Big Daddy energy.

I feel it crackling between us every time I’m close to him. Now, my only choice is to get far, far away from him, or be pulled into a world that I swore I’d never set foot in again. A world that thrashed me, body and soul.

A world that Rush promises to protect me from, if only I surrender myself to him.

I’ve only ever trusted myself, but Rush is battering against my defenses. He pushes me to the brink and then holds me there until I shatter. His punishment is a rush. Falling for him is a rush. Loving him is a rush.

But being destroyed by him is the biggest rush of all.

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