Quit Bein’ Ugly (The Southern Gentleman, #3) by Lani Lynn Vale


There’s a crush, and then there are the type of feelings that Croft Cruisie evokes from a person.

He’s everything that any straight woman would want: tall, handsome, charismatic, muscular, and sweet.

At least, Carmichael thought he was sweet, until he brings another woman to the gym she owns with her brother, on the night that’s to be their first date, and lets her know in a quick and painful, non-verbal way that her feelings are not reciprocated.

Fast forward six months, and she’s still trying to move on from the rejection.

It doesn’t help that the jerk moves in next door to her, and that she has to see him workout shirtless every single day.
How can a woman get over a silly crush when that silly crush won’t so much as give her room to breathe?

My Review:

Quit Bein' Ugly (The Southern Gentleman, #3)Quit Bein’ Ugly by Lani Lynn Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve already read this book 2 times! It was just that good! This series is different than what we are used to from this author, but in a good way! I totally enjoyed this book (the rest of the series too!), and it was well worth the wait! I’m kinda sad, since I know it is (probably?!?) the last in this series, but I know there are more amazing books to come from this author!

Carmichael is happy with who she is. She enjoys her life, but she is missing something. And she thought she had found the perfect person to fill that void, but things just didn’t work out. And she is kinda’ salty about it!

Croft lives live at 150 mph, never slowing down. But he knows who he could see himself settling down with. And he thought things were moving that way, finally! Until they weren’t. And he just doesn’t know why all of a sudden, things went sideways!

Croft and Carmichael are a hoot! Their antics and crazy ways kept me on the edge of my seat, and had my ribs hurting from laughing! Their story was a delightful mix of humor, heat and action, that made it a pleasure to read! I can’t recommend it enough, it was a great story!

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