Gravedigger (Dirty Boys Do It Better, #1) by J.C. Jaye


Filthy doesn’t even begin to cut it…

Ex-soldier Clint ‘Gravedigger’ MacGregor is cool among the tombstones. Tilling the earth by hand, he’s King of Oaklawn and likes it that way. No annoying folks in his face, and plenty of solitude to muffle the PTSD noise upstairs. But once he spies a sexy, tousle-haired angel kneeling in the grass every Saturday, it’s time to rejoin the land of the living, stat. Here’s hoping his Sunshine doesn’t mind a little mud…

She’s been lost, but now she’s found.

The death of her twin has gutted Casey Rae Kent. Turning hermit, weekly plein-air grieving sessions are the sum of her social life. But a thwarted attack and subsequent rescue by a hot Viking lookalike have her shaking off the stupor. Is this spade-wielding hero a gift from the heavens? Can Mr. Badass and Brawny be her sweet salvation? Hmm, best get this dirty boy’s take on clueless virgin unicorns…

Two troubled souls, zapped by the lightning bolt to the heart. All’s fantastic until fate lobs more mega-grade grenades in their path. Hell, who said love was easy?

My Review:

Gravedigger (Dirty Boys Do It Better, #1)Gravedigger by J.C. Jaye
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is by a brand new to me author. I’d not even heard of this author before I received her book, but decided that the blurb sounded interesting enough that I’d give it a chance! And I’m really glad I did. This story isn’t your typical romance, the characters aren’t your typical hero/heroine. What they are is real. Realistic characters, with realistic problems, realistic jobs. I found that I quite enjoyed that….

Casey Rae has just had her world turned upside down, suffering a tragedy no twin ever wants to experience. And her life just isn’t the same. She doesn’t know how to move forward, and her life is falling apart. A chance encounter at the most unlikely place helps her put things back into perspective, and take a chance on an unlikely hero!

Clint (Gravedigger) has struggled with the aftermath of war since he got out of the military. But he has found his own ways to cope, as unusual as that might be. And just when he has resigned himself to a life alone, Casey Rae catches his eye, and he just doesn’t know what to do about it!

This book started out kinda stalkerish, kinda awkward (the characters, not the writing!) But really, that was just the characters. Clint is a real man, with real problems, not the polished hero we usually get in romance novels that seem to good to be true. And Casey Rae is the perfect woman for him. I enjoyed this story, and the imperfectly perfect connection between Casey Rae and her Gravedigger!

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