Wild Dreams (Wilder Irish #12) by Mari Carr


Dream big. Dream wild.

Oliver has always longed for a love just like his parents have—all three of them. He’s certain he’s already halfway to that happily ever after. His foster brother calls it wild, but Ollie knows they can find the woman of their dreams.

Gavin has always accepted that life is just one disappointment after another. Growing up in the foster system taught him that. Oliver is one of the few people he can trust, so he prefers they stay a two-man band.

Erin is a curvy, spunky brunette neither of them saw coming. But fate has another wild card in store for the three of them, one that will test everyone’s faith in their very different dreams for the future.

My Review:

Wild DreamsWild Dreams by Mari Carr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been a rabid fan of all things Collins, since I picked up the first book. Since then, I’ve devoured each book just as soon as I got my hands on them. I swear, this author constantly comes up with new things, amazing stories, that make this much loved family even more amazing! And this book just hit the top of that list for me! Oliver, Erin and Gavin, oh my! Their story is HOT! And sweet. and pretty darn amazing (did I say amazing yet?!?)

Oliver knows exactly what he wants in life. He has a perfect example of the type of relationship he wants to have in his parents. And he knows who he wants to share it with. But Gavin has been damaged by his past. And he doesn’t think he can have any kind of life that includes what Oliver wants. So Ollie sets aside his “wild dreams” and life goes on. Until something unexpected happens, that has Ollie looking hopeful again.

This book is full of surprises! I loved how amazing this “throuple” is, and how well they fit together, despite everything that was stacked against them. Their story is full of commitment, determination, and support. And family. Everything Collins is all about family! But be prepared for a few tears! The author has a few heartbreaking shocks in store for us. And a few that are leading up to the next story in the Collins Saga. This book is a must read if you adore the Collins’ as much as I do. Seriously, pick up this book! ASAP!

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