Making His Play by Mari Carr


Alex has a big name in hockey, famous for his stick skills—on and off the ice. But he’s also got a freckle-faced female problem. He took his sister’s tomboy best friend, Charley, to a Vegas wedding to cheer her up after a bad breakup.

Too much champagne later and he’s waking up with Charley in his bed and his ring on her finger. And the crazy part is…

Mrs. Alex Stone has a nice ring to it. Even though Charley knows the name’s not sticking. Her best friend, Bella, only set her up with Alex to make her ex jealous. Karma, she called it. Too many drinks and a lot of laughs later, Alex suggests they elope as a lark. Charley’s all in. It is Vegas, after all.

Charley calls timeout after the not-so-fake honeymoon, but Alex says they’re going into overtime.

Game on!

My Review:

Making His PlayMaking His Play by Mari Carr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was just pure fun, from beginning to end! It hit all of my favorite boxes, in one amazing book (best friend’s older brother, sports romance, fake/real wedding romance) Charlie and Alex were a wonderful, full of laughs couple that totally made my day!

Charlie is coming out of a really bad break up. And she really doesn’t want to face her ex and his new fling. But her bestie has a really great idea…..maybe. Charlie sees lots of complications with the plan, something she could do without. Somehow, she gets roped into her bestie’s shenanigans, and finds herself going to a wedding with a hot hockey player! And things just get crazy from there!

Alex is a determined bachelor for life. Relationships, commitment and marriage are definitely not for him. When his sister asks for a favor, he balks. He remembers fun, tomboy Charlie. Boy, is he in for a surprise!

I’m not sure what I expected from this book. I knew going in that I enjoy it, based off of previous books by the author. I just didn’t expect to love the characters so much! I really related to Charlie. She was real, right from the beginning. And Alex, even though he is a pro hockey player, had real feelings, real reactions, real thoughts. Together, their interactions were steamy, but still had an element of comedy, which I love. It was definitely one I enjoyed, and would tell anyone who enjoys romance with a twist to pick up!

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