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Force by Nana Malone, M. Malone

Blurb: I am the shadow that haunts the night. I am a hunter, a protector…a force for good…I am Jonas Castillo. For years I’ve existed on the edge of the dark, protecting innocents who can’t protect themselves. Until… her. Jessica JJ Jones. The bane of my existence. A bright light in the dark. The crack in my armor. A loud, […]

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Cover Reveal Hail No by Lani Lynn Vale

💥🧡Cover Reveal!!🧡💥 Go to Hail Book 2 in The Hail Raisers Photographer:  FuriousFotog Model:  Andrew James Release date:  10-27-17 Go to Hail Blurb Everybody has problems. But Travis? Yeah, he has so many problems that he finds it hard to breathe sometimes. He spends five years catering to his ex-wife’s every want and need—all to make it possible to continue […]

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